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I am supporting individuals and organizations to create a social impact by aligning their values and society's needs. 

Can I support you too? 

My services include 

  • projects proposal development (Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, Visegrad fund and others) 

  • impact management  

  • long-term partnerships building 

  • strategy planning 

  • creative funding models for NGOs 

  • designing and facilitating workshops on volunteering management, social entrepreneurship, project management

  • individual mentoring/ coaching for female leaders of NGOs, social businesses and purpose-driven individuals on self-care, regenerative health, burnout prevention,

social impact

putting people first

producing a positive impact on local communities and pursuing a social cause

life-long learning

  focused on personal development when becoming  self-motivated to pursuit of knowledge about oneself


open up the space for everyone to be heard and feel free to express their feelings and nurture them with love and compassion

femisculine leadership

leadership that brings out the best in people and their organizations and make more impact in the world.

conscious growth

creating change and growth from the place of awareness, while making a positive contribution in community and the world


putting oneself first

having body, mind and spirit in alignment; health (individual, social, planetary) at the center of every action and decision

What do people say about working with me?

“Ivana is an experienced Project Manager with a good knowledge of international affairs, people coordination, organizational innovation, strategy building and crisis management. Being a creative and empathetic natural leader, she always came with new systematic solutions and improvements for projects and for the organization as a whole. Since the time I joined the team, Ivana has improved the organizational effectiveness significantly. She enhanced the inclusive working environment through using the right tools and strategies to accomplish a specific goal. During the pandemic, she made sure the whole organization adapted accordingly and transferred all the work and projects into the digital environment. Thanks to her confident, effective and timely decision-making skills we witnessed organizational growth despite the difficult times.“

Karolína Fabianová

I'm creating impact from the heart with...

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Looking forward to co-create with you!

“Changes are products of intensive efforts.”
Muhammad Yunus
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