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Authenticity. Harmony. Beauty.
Creative thinking about solutions. 

Nature, yoga, dance, music and meditation.

I love space for myself, but I love to connect with people too.

Living life from the heart, not society's expectations. 

I am creating freedom, joy and balance in my life. 

Desert Dunes

my journey

​Born in a small town in South- East Slovakia. Lived and went to school there until the age of nineteen. I always loved languages and different cultures. Being these my main interests, I decided to go for European studies and International relations at Comenius University in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.


School was easy and kind of boring, but stressful for me. From primary to university, slowly I was shutting myself down in my self-expression. Until I was finding things that were fulfilling me and I was good at.


I interrupted my university studies and left for one year to Belgium, to work as babysitter. I learnt to speak English and French. I was slowly but surely becoming the global citizen that I am today. When I returned to Slovakia, I gained first experience in NGOs and language schools, finished my Master´s and left again. This time to the Balkans. First, for an internship to Bosnia and Herzegovina, teaching English in a women community in Sarajevo. Right after that, I left for one year of volunteering in North Macedonia, where I met my current husband. 

My path led me from being a babysitter, to English teacher, volunteer, to a leader and manager of different educational programs. I spent couple of years supporting young people in their career choices through volunteering, civic activism and social entrepreneurship, all I have experienced myself.


I traveled and built partnerships around the globe (Europe, South-East Asia, South-East Africa). Today I built on my experience and what I mostly care about, which is self-development, education, conscious impact, and social and green economy. 

There is no “right way” of living and doing things!
You can choose how you create your life freely and at the same time be fully aligned with your beliefs and values I can guide you on your journey if you choose to ...

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